Founder's Statement


I formed PAMEAS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization to empower patients and to help relieve the suffering and death that patients experience due to outdated practices and medical errors using medical education and training programs for physicians, nurses/techs, patients, and others. Our goal is to minimize mistakes in healthcare delivery and to empower patients to engage in the care they receive.

Paul Zimnik, D.O.

The vision of PAMEAS

“Establish PAMEAS as a leader in improving patient safety through reductions in medical errors and other mistakes in healthcare delivery all while maintaining our uncompromising principles.”

PAMEAS Mission and Guiding Principles
  1. Empower patients in all aspects of their health and in the healthcare they receive.
  2. Contribute to the reduction in medical errors and the improvement of patient safety.
  3. Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  4. Embrace diversity of thought and person as an essential component in fulfilling our vision.
  5. Apply the highest standards of excellence to the production and delivery of our educational content.
  6. Create educational programs that are practical, distinctive, and cost-effective for all involved.
  7. Encourage open-minded discussion and collaboration.
  8. Contribute positively to helping all people lead happier and healthier lives.
  9. Maintain the spirit of a non-profit organization focused on service to humanity and the expansion of knowledge.



Healthcare is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in each of our lives. Advances in technology and science have enabled the development of new tools to combat disease and improve the lives of people. However, with these advancements have come increasing financial pressures, fewer healthcare providers, and increased patient numbers to our institutions of care. As a result, we are witness to an explosion of medical errors and other human mistakes that have increased the morbidity and mortality of patients.

Over 250K people die each year from these mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death in the United States. This is unacceptable and must be addressed if we are to advance as a society. PAMEAS exists with that as its mission, and we want to help healthcare providers, members of industry, policymakers, and anyone else who deals with healthcare topics be more knowledgeable and confident in their decisions, so all mistakes are minimized. A vital aspect of this process is to empower patients always to question their providers about their care. They should not blindly trust anyone and should do all they can to ensure that the care they receive, the medications they take, and the medical procedures they have are all the ones intended for them by their providers.

PAMEAS is a patient advocacy organization that supports research and educate providers and patients on issues that will make healthcare delivery safer. We have a single focus: lower death and mortality from medical errors. PAMEAS' strength comes from the depth of our healthcare experience, the breadth of our relationships with clinicians and industry, and our passion and focus on making patients safer.