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At the time of this publication, the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is in the beginning stages of creating a pandemic. It was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province, China. At this time, no one knows how bad it will get or how soon it will resolve.

For current, reliable statistics on the impact of Coronavirus in the United States, visit this page.

The goal of the PAMEAS Coronavirus program is to offer its users a reliable, practical, up-to-date source of easily found information related to Coronavirus. This includes collating information from a wide variety of sources related to support during the Coronavirus crisis to give all people a more efficient mechanism of finding important information.

The focus of the PAMEAS Coronavirus Program is to provide online education to people about the virus with clear, objective data, delivered in programs taught by leading experts in the field of infectious diseases and the management of epidemics using information from reliable sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control.

Program Formats and Delivery

This PAMEAS program includes the following type of formats:

  • An online video library of practical content delivered by recognized experts.
  • Online courses on a variety of topics delivered in an easy to understand format.
  • Teleconference Question & Answer with Experts.
  • Online live and archived Conferences for experts on the management of Coronavirus patients.
  • Online live and archived training programs for all people about living in the age of Coronavirus.
  • Electronic and print materials offering strategies to deal with various stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • A telephone and text hotline to offer people one-to-one answers for their questions about Coronavirus.

Target Audience

This PAMEAS program is intended for all people, of all backgrounds to address questions and concerns about all aspects of life during this Coronavirus pandemic. This includes not only all people who are concerned about becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus, but also those that have already become infected and are either self-treating or receiving medical care. 

This PAMEAS program will also include content specific to the needs of care givers, policy makers, insurance companies, businesses impacted by Coronavirus, and other individuals as needs are identified.

The PAMEAS Coronavirus Program Phased Approach

This program will include content that is organized according to the phases of the pandemic as well as the type of information the user is seeking.

The phases, as currently identified by PAMEAS include:

  1. Education
    Educate all individuals about the COVID-19 virus, tailored to the specific needs of the audience. This includes the general population, healthcare providers, employers, schools, etc. This includes physical as well as emotional support content.
  2. Isolation
    This is content regarding Social/Physical Distancing as well as prevention and home treatment. This includes physical as well as emotional support content.
  3. Getting Back to Normal
    These are educational programs that are helpful to a wide ranging audience once government sources have made the decision to end Social/Physical Distancing policies in a given location. This includes the general population, healthcare providers, employers, schools, etc. This includes physical as well as emotional support content.

Contact PAMEAS here if you would like to participate in this program as faculty, are interested in participating in the programs as they are developed and would like to be notified as each becomes available, or if you would be interested in supporting the PAMEAS Coronavirus Program, please send us a note here.

PAMEAS is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Organization. We have been developing professional medical education programs for patients, physicians, nurses, techs, administrators, policymakers, payers, industry, and others for over 10 years and have produced over 700 program.