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Health innovations improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety, and affordability of healthcare. To PAMEAS, this includes new or improved health policies, practices, systems, products and technologies, services, and delivery methods that result in improved healthcare. Improvements in research, patient satisfaction, education, and access to care are additional factors that contribute to an improved healthcare system. PAMEAS wishes to optimize the performance of our health system. These innovations should yield scalable solutions and improvements in health policies, systems, products, technologies, services, and delivery methods. We are interested in improving treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prevention, research quality and delivery, and access to healthcare for all patients.

PAMEAS produces education and training programs for healthcare providers, patients, and members of other aspects of the healthcare system to encourage the dissemination of innovations that can improve healthcare delivery and patient safety and satisfaction. These programs can be live, online, large, or small, but they are always delivered in the PAMEAS Way, that is with a focus on the delivery of practical information in a comfortable environment that encourages discourse between attendees and faculty.


PAMEAS Innovation Programs and Topic Areas



Clinical Topics

Artificial Intelligence Transradial Program Structural Heart Program
Treatment of Acute Stroke Immunotherapy 3-D Printing
Pharmacogenomic Testing Virtual & Augmented Reality Personalized Medicine
Robotic Surgery Heart Valve Replacement RNA Therapeutics
Renal Denervation Hybrid Approach-CTO-PCI Concierge Medicine
Deep Brain Stimulation Telemedicine Electronic Medical Record Systems


Product-Specific Training

IVUS Stroke Visor Naloxone
Apple HealthKit  TAVI TAVR
Vena Cava Filter Watchman Baylis Medical RF Needle 
MitraClip Aether 1 BioPrinter Kortex VR Device
TAP Blood Collection Device neuroAD Therapy System Dr. A.I.