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Dr. Zimnik has been producing education programs for over 30 years. With PAMEAS he has focused on delivering the best educational experience in order to satisfy our mission of advancing wellness and patient-centric healthcare. Most of the time this means having small, informal settings where attendees can interact with the faculty to make sure their specific needs are addressed. We want anyone attending a PAMEAS program to receive immediate benefits from that class that they can apply right away in their work or personal life.

Most PAMEAS programs involve less than 100 attendees and faculty, with many being less than 20. We even do programs for just 1-3 people for tutoring or other personalized education. We always try to create a comfortable environment, using the most cost-effective methods and locations possible to create a positive experience. This may be in a hotel conference room, hospital meeting room, restaurant, laboratory, a library or other community meeting place, or even outdoors in a nice park.

API ImageWe have had great success with our Summit programs during which we take a clinical topic and present practical (not academic-focused) information of immediate relevance to physicians, nurses, and other providers. Our Bootcamp programs are also informal programs designed to provide hands-on experiences of immediate value to attendees. Our dinner and lunch programs have also been very well received for being comfortable, practical, all while maintaining reasonable costs.

Many of our programs are financed by grants from government, industry, and private sources. We try to avoid charging attendees unless we cannot raise funds using other methods. PAMEAS is a non-profit educational institution with low overhead, so we like to stretch our education dollars as far as we can.

You can see a listing of all our past programs here and a listing of the different program topics we've produced here.

Please contact us if you have any questions about PAMEAS or if you would like to attend one of our programs.


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